Automatic Sam

… and before we knew what was really going on, bassplayer Erik was standing on a 4 feet high flightcase just outside the recording room in the mighty factory hall of the Vasim. Holding a mic on a long cable that he was ‘propellering’ or ‘Leslie-ing’ (if those are even real words) between two small full blast guitar amps through which Pieter and I played the riff. This example – and I’ve got many more – captures the great virtue of Galloway Studio. It’s a real damn playground that breathes an atmosphere of creativity. Often encouraged by the inventive (and twisted) mind of engineer Sebastiaan, musicians are triggered to experiment and search for their own or new sound. Using the real slapback sound of the hundred(???) yard weave tunnel at the top floor of the old cotton factory, extracting the reverb on vocals from piano strings and so on and so on… You will find out that even within the apparent limits of the studio space and gear, the possibilities are endless. At least we did, while recording the album Sonic Whip. Right now we are recording our third record in the new self build big ass recording room, that has even multiplied the virtues mentioned above. Unless the Russians blow up the place, I can’t think of a reason to record anywhere else.